24-7 COMMITMENT is hiring for Executive Director

24-7 COMMITMENT is hiring for Executive Director

After 3 years of dedicated leadership, Lori Mercer is stepping down as the hands on executive director and seeking a new leader with strong non-profit experience and a passion for fire families.

Lori and the volunteer team remain committed to the mission and are eager to welcome a fresh set of eyes to the mission that has reached tens of thousands of fire families through online resources and in person events.

In parallel, the current board is being expanded to provide more support resources to the Executive Director position.  (Applications for expanded board positions available soon)

ED is a paid position. Because we are a young non-profit, we are not in the position to guarantee a base salary. But there is pay based on on the results of fundraising and partnerships. In the past the pay has ranged from $5000 to $40,000 in one year. (The year with $40,000 was the result of a significant partner donation allowing us to produce the Honor & Commitment book and associated resources.) The right person with the right connections, outlook and approach can really further the mission and grow a successful staff via partners, grants and ongoing donor programs. A high performing non-profit attempts to keep at least 80-90% of the funding moving towards mission achieving services, leaving 10-20% for efficient admin support. All past financial details are available at 247commitment.org/financials

This is a part time role with a couple weeks a year requiring full time activity and travel.

Like most non-profit roles, it takes someone with a big heart for the mission and the right mix of flexible availability to meet the requirements.

APPLICATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED. Applications are due by October 15th.


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