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You’re here and that’s already a great start! No matter if your goal is to shed some weight, drop unhealthy habits, learn to cook healthy meals, become more active or become more involved in activities like running, you’ll fit right in!  New months and seasons bring new goals or new areas to work on with improving your overall health.  Healthy recipes are shared. Challenges are issued. Find encouragement and support from others working towards your health goals.  Exchange workout or exercise advice. We have ladies who want to work on walking a few miles a week all the way to ladies who want to frequently fun 5Ks and more! This program is open and great to anyone of any fitness level with any fitness or health goals.  

There’s no “biggest loser” or weight loss award. No one wins a car or money 😉  No magic tricks or weight loss miracles. This is about trying YOUR BEST and being fit, healthy and energetic and extending our life by a few healthy years.

What to expect in this community:

A place to ask questions and bounce ideas off of other women who are also doing their best to get healthier.  A place without judgment and only encouragement, monitored by our trained administrators who abide by our 24-7C CAREs approach to serving our communities.   It's a place to connect and find help from others and anything commercial or sales related is prohibited by our guidelines.

How it works:

Register at the link below.  Watch for emails from for how to access the private Facebook group.   You will be approved to enter the group by one of the admins within 24-48 hours. Then, read, comment and share on the topic of ways to get healthier, struggles, and motivations.  This group is a place to share stories, ask questions, take on challenges, gain inspiration, and encourage each other on your path to health.    

The Original Fit Fire Wife Blog Series 

abstract_lines (1) Welcome to the original Fit Fire Wife Blog Series!  You'll find some great information, tips and success stories in this series.  Give your fitness a pick me up at anytime, just remember to talk with your doctor before making any drastic choices.

Start here:

Fit Fire Wife Day 1 - Goal Setting and Picking Your Programs

Fit Fire Wife Day 2 - How to Detox

Fit Fire Wife Day 3 - Eat Like a Caveman! What is Paleo?

Fit Fire Wife Day 4 - Easy Exercises You Can Do Anywhere, Anytime

Fit Fire Wife Day 5: My Fitness Pal App

Fit Fire Wife Day 6: I Need Some Help!

Fit Fire Wife Day 7: More Reasons to Eat Fruit

Fit Fire Wife Day 8: Kick Start Your Fitness Goals with a Challenge

Fit Fire Wife Day 9: Fit Fire Wife Testimony: Heidi

Fit Fire Wife Day 10: Healthy Snack Attacks

Fit Fire Wife Day 11: My Family of 6 Never Finishes a Package of Oreos

Fit Fire Wife Day 12: An Inspiring Journey to Fitness that LASTS

Fit Fire Wife Day 13: Glutathione: Treatment or Trend?

Fit Fire Wife Day 14: It's Not Just About Weight Loss. Get Energized!

Fit Fire Wife Day 15: Losing Weight: It's All Math

Fit Fire Wife Day 16: Assist Your Fit Fire Wife Goals with a Hormone Check


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