4 Weeks of Motivation and Encouragement to Get Active Together with the Firefighting Family

Firefighters and / or their spouses / partners can join 555 Fitness and 24-7 COMMITMENT teams in our Next Diet Bet Fitness Challenge



How It Works

You join our Diet Bet Community by August 14th for $25 / person

The 555 Fitness and 24-7 COMMITMENT teams provide daily challenge and diet exercises for the 4 week period.

You do them at your pace and skill level.

Do it alone or in the spirit of 24-7 COMMITMENT, with your spouse or partner. There's no winners and losers here.  The goal is to get us all moving and support a good cause.

Daily posts will be shared in the Diet Bet Game Community (there's an app or website access) and we will send a few emails over the 4 week period to keep you motivated as well.

Register by August 14th in our game at the Diet Bet site using the button below (then be sure to follow the instructions to get on our email list as well!)

The challenge runs from August 15th thru September 11th with a very inspiring finish on a very memorable day for firefighters and Americans.

Join the Challenge

What You Get For Participating

  • 28 days of challenges, encouragement and tips posted into our Diet Bet community
  • Connection with firefighters and their partners who are trying to live up to their 24-7 COMMITMENT to FITNESS
  • To FEEL GOOD physically and mentally!
  • A surprise token reward for all participants who stay with us and active for all 4 weeks



back shaker The goal at 5-5-5 Firefighter Fitness, Inc. is to help reduce line of duty deaths in the fire service.  Historically, approximately 50% of firefighter fatalities can be attributed to cardiac related events.  One simple way to achieve this goal is to participate in some type of regular exercise.  Therefore, workouts are provided, for free, that are geared toward the rigors of the firefighting profession, weekly on Mondays through Saturdays.  The year will be split into three different cycles: strength building, Leanfit, and multi-functional training.  The Leanfit and MFT cycles will include four different levels so that regardless of overall fitness, anyone can participate. The year will be split into three different cycles: strength building, Leanfit, and multi-functional training. The Leanfit and MFT cycles will include four different levels so that regardless of overall fitness, anyone can participate. When easy to follow information is provided, the likelihood that more firefighters will participate increases dramatically. The Strength is Our Foundation fitness equipment grant program includes fitness equipment that totals over $3,000 worth of equipment. Staff members come out to the winning department and provide coaching on proper use of the equipment.

247c-square-no-bg-for-lightThe mission of 24-7 COMMITMENT is to HONOR, STRENGTHEN AND SUPPORT FIRST RESPONDER MARRIAGES AND FAMILIES.   We do this by providing peer support groups and mentoring and marriage programs designed specifically for first responders. Our communities - the Fire Wife Sisterhood and the Honor Guard - have served nearly 2000 people to date.  And over 300 people have attended our Commitment Weekend marriage events. Proceeds from fundraising efforts such as these allow us to train and hire additional peer support facilitators , develop first responder specific marriage resources and deliver more programs nationwide for marriage and the fire service.

What is Diet Bet?

Diet Bet is a company with a website and app that allows us to purchase a space in a fitness community for a 4 week time period.

It contains it's own newsfeed, members area and fun awards for sharing and encouraging.

In some cases, the biggest weight loss loser wins the "pot".  In the case of charity, the funds go to the organization.

You do still weigh in (you must do this in order to be active in the community).

No one sees your weight.  Ever.  Unless you click to make it not private.

And in our opinion, while weight loss is a goal of many people, we don't like to focus on those numbers.   Focus on healthy eating and getting active and the weight loss will come.

To participate in this challenge we are using the Diet Bet platform so use the button below to register there!

Join the Challenge


Do I have to be a firefighter or spouse / partner to participate?

No.  We'd love anyone's support and all the challenges are applicable to any person, not just firefighters.  The more the merrier so invite your friends and family to support the cause!

What if my spouse doesn't want to participate?

That's ok.  Sometimes we all go through those seasons.  But by taking care of yourself, you are also taking care of your marriage.  You want to live a long, healthy, HOT life with your spouse right?   So get on in there and get after it (and definitely don't rub it in their face!)

Do we have to pay twice if we are participating as a couple?

Diet Bet only allows one login per payment.  So if you both want your own login and tracking, then yes.  Also, we will only ship one "special prize" per registration.  So if you both want one, you both need to register.   (But if you're happy sharing and can only do $25 this time, share away!)

What is the 24-7 COMMITMENT to FITNESS Community?

24-7 COMMITMENT offers a variety of online communities that are informative and encouraging places to live the 24-7 COMMITMENT lifestyle.   This is our newest community for firefighters and their spouse to be challenged and informed and encouraged in the space of physical fitness and wellness.   It is led by firefighter + spouse couples who inspire and challenge us.     (It does not replace Fit Fire Wife community which is also available to female spouses of firefighters and ladies can be a member of both.) Working out together can be fun and actually very sexy 😉   So we encourage it always! To get into this community, first join the Honor Guard / Fire Wife Sisterhood and look for details on this special sub group.  Join for free at this link.

Our First Ever Diet Bet with the Fire Wife Sisterhood April - May 2015

100 participants signed up, 68 completed the activity and 236 total pounds were lost!