This “5 Day Fill Up is designed for you to clear your mind and get some perspective.  Not as a mother, not as a wife, but as YOU.   You as your own person with your own ideas, goals and dreams.

We can always serve others so much better when you have taken care of ourselves first.  Getting clear and setting expectations prior to all of the chaos, actually makes less chaos!

So, take 5 minutes out of your day on each daily blog post.  Reflect on the topic and question/s, also focus on what it takes to be your best you, filling you up a little more with each day. You deserve it!

Day 1 - Your Drive

A drive, passion, goal / mission.
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Day 2 - Your Physical Energy

Physical Energy - Nutrition, Fitness
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Day 3 - Your Mental Energy

Wasting and expanding Mental Energy.
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Day 4 - Positive People

Fill Up with Positive people.
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Day 5 - Self Belief

Building your confidence.
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How did you do?


So 5 minutes a day for 5 days is not a long time.  It’s just enough to tickle some ideas and open your eyes to some changes you may need in your life.   And some of you may have used this week to create a giant list of things you *must* do in your life.  While the ambition is admirable, you’ll quickly burn out and fail if you try to tackle it all at once.  Breathe, prioritize and work toward your goals one task at the time.