This week is about INTIMACY.    Yes the physical but all the other important kinds of intimacy as well.

This can be a topic that makes you squirm but why?  You are naked in front of your spouse more than any other person in the world.  And that nakedness is not just physical.  It should also be emotionally as well.

Intimacy comes in many forms and is often neglected when we don't intentionally give it space in our lives and schedules.

Join us with co-hosts Tony & Alisa DiLorenzo as we learn about the "Intimacy Lifestyle"



Your Challenge this Week:

For Each Of You to Do Individually:

For each of you as an individual.
Think about how your spouse initiates intimacy. Do you know the signals? What can you do to be open to that initiation and a "servant lover" understanding their needs?


Is there something in the intimacy space that makes you squirm a little? This is the time to open it up and get it out there while you are in a safe place having this discussion so plan a bit in your mind for that moment.

Now Together.....Design Your Intimacy Lifestyle

Decide how many times a week you want to have sex
Agree on a "system" or "schedule" that works for you but allows also for spontaneity.
Take this opportunity to talk about any ways you want to step out of your comfort zone together.
It's a safe time of trust between the two of you, even if you've been married 10, 15, 25 years and have never told them this is what you desire!


And um, this one may be tougher to share in the community. It's quite personal. So you can just jump over there and give us a "thumbs up" when it's complete.



Here is a link to your homework worksheet to help you out.


Leave a comment below about your biggest take away from this week’s challenge has been: