Welcome to the Virtual Bake-Off Challenge!

Break out the mixing bowls and oven mitts, it's time to get your bake on!

It's never a bad time for baking... pre-heat those ovens and get your fire family in the kitchen!  Don't limit yourself to cakes, cookies and pastries... there's plenty of great meals you can make ahead and freeze!

How Does This Work?

1.  Pick your favorite recipes.
2.  Shop for your ingredients
3. Block your schedule according to your recipes
4. Share your creations online by posting your photos and selfies anytime.  We want to see your photos in the Fire Wife Sisterhood, on the public Facebook Pages; Firefighter Wife or Eat Like A Firefighter, or over on Instagram tagging @wifeonfire!  Feel free to use the hashtags #virtualbakeoff and #247commitment!

What do you get as a reward?

5 free Eat Like a Firefighter Recipe cards
Time with your family in the kitchen
A freezer filled with great meals and goodies ready to go


How Do We Cook and Bake In Advance and still have delicious meals and treats?

You may already know I'm a big fan of freezer cooking.  It has saved our family dinner hour like crazy this year.   Here's the FreezEasy founder's list of the best make ahead side dishes.

You can find tons of great recipes that can be frozen for later!  It's a great tradition in our family to enjoy special holiday sweets that my mom spends HOURS on each year... and by pre making these goodies before the holidays, we can enjoy them and not spend all of the holiday time in the kitchen.  Genious!   Usually I would end up running around in a panic 48 hours before an event and tosses some pre-made store bought dough onto a cookie sheet and calls it good.    This year I have discovered the awesomeness of filling my freezer and being prepared.  I can't keep that to myself!!!

Here's the plan.


  • 1

    Research and Drool Over What Meals and Treats Can Be Made In Advance

    Go ahead and google "best cookie dough to freeze" or "desserts that you can store in the freezer" or "freezer meals" and see what comes up.

  • 2

    Finalize Recipe List, Print It Off and Create Shopping List

    I'll inventory what's in my kitchen first then make a list of what I still need. I can do this as late as the day before....because...... Walmart Grocery Pick Up. A little slice of my mommy-hood heaven!

  • 3

    Shop! (via my phone and pick it up without leaving my car)

    Did I tell you how much I love the Walmart grocery pick up?
    Use the mobile app on your phone. It remembers your family favorites.
    I've spent LESS money on groceries this way because I'm not impulse buying with grabby kids in the store.
    (and yes there are still some specialty items Walmart doesn't carry that I quickly stop by other stores for)

  • 4

    Get After It In The Kitchen!

    At my planned time I threaten everyone with their most hated chore to keep them out of the kitchen and just dive in and get messy.
    Block a solid 2 hours (or more if you're really bulking up!) to go end to end with prepping and clean up.

  • 5

    Pull Them From the Freezer As Needed

    Now that my freezer is stocked, I can quickly pull my cookie dough or already prepped desserts and meals in the midst of busy fire family life seasons and even holidays, saving myself a ton of time and stress.
    (Or I can just eat cookie dough on a shift night watching the Hallmark channel when no one is looking!)

My Recipe List

  • 4 Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookie Dough to Freeze (Eat Like a FF Cookbook)
  • "How To Get Through Probation" Cookie Dough to Freeze (Eat Like a FF Cookbook)
  • Banana Bread - bake and freeze loaves (Eat Like a FF Cookbook)
  • Cut Out Sugar Cookie Dough to Freeze (Eat Like a FF Cookbook)
  • Candy Buckeyes (semi-secret Ohio delicacy that may not make it to the freezer!)

So that's my recipe list in case you were curious.   Here's my logic....

  • freezing a variety of cookie doughs helps me to batch the same kind of work together.  i.e. all the mixing and ingredients are all over my counter anyhow.   Then later I can have a bake-a-thon day with my oven and cookie trays
  • Breads - freeze AWESOME as loaves and make great hostess gifts
  • Choc-PB candy - time consuming to make but if I get my energy up I can batch a TON and never have to do that task again this year!

Want a few of our favorite recipes for your bake-off?  We've selected a handful of the best to share with you, right from the Eat Like A Firefighter Cookbook, now available only in eBook format!  Get your free printable recipes now, below.

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Cooking and baking are frustrating without the right tools for the job.

Some of my favorite gifts have been kitchen gadgets!  Especially the ones that come in really handy and I use a lot.  And if any of you have children in your lives who also love to cook... there are some adorable gifts just for them.  There's nothing like being in the kitchen, teaching children life long skills and making memories!

Thinking back to days where you spent the day in the kitchen with your mother or grandmother, learning how to make your favorite recipes... those are the memories I cling to.  Food is a universal love!

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