While we are all wives of firefighters, we each have our own journey, our own season and our own identity outside the fire life.   Yet we all believe in the message of commitment, not just in our marriages but in many areas of our life - our health, our parenting, our friendships and our own careers. 

Let’s kick off 2017 together with some accountability towards those changes we want to make in our own lives that will ultimately make us better fire wives. 

To do this, we will use the “Better Than Before” book and program by Gretchen Rubin.  

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You can get the book HERE. (this is an amazon affiliate link for our non-profit which means we may earn about $.27 for each purchase.) We are not official affiliate partners with Gretchen but simply love her program for our community.

Read the book at your pace but I do recommend you carve out some solid time to get through this within the first week of the year.

We will be posting these reading group discussion questions in the Fire Wife Sisterhood FB group throughout the month.

She offers 21-day projects to help you focus in on a particular habit you want to change. The Relationships project is free here! We encourage you all to sign up for that project as we will share resources for it in the group in January as well.

The other projects are $4.99 each at her website here. (no kickback to us and optional for you to decide to purchase one!)


  1. Get your book and read at your pace. We recommend pounding through it by January 10 to really get into the habit changing steps.
  2. Watch for posts in the Fire Wife Sisterhood throughout January with questions and topics to share.
  3. Post your own thoughts and questions in the group as you read along.
  4. Sign up for the free 21 day Relationship Project.
  5. Encourage each other as we hold ourselves accountable as a community throughout January.

**NOTE: If you can’t or don’t want to buy the book right now, please follow along. Look at her blog and Gretchen Rubin podcasts (just search her name in the podcast app) and soak in the good!

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