Hey, !


We hate to see you go, but we also know that sometimes there are seasons in life where you have to make decisions based on priorities.  Your family and finances is always number one. 


TO CANCEL YOUR MEMBERSHIP:  Please email us to contact@firefighterwife.com and let us know that you need to cancel your membership.  Please include your name and email address.  If your cancellation is for reasons other than financial, we would love for you to also include a little feedback about your decision to cancel.  If there is something we can do to improve our membership offering and member portal, let us know.  We work hard to bring value to our website and members.

*Once your membership is cancelled you will lose all access to Member Only Areas of the website and access to the Fire Wife Sisterhood Facebook groups.


TO DOWNGRADE TO A LOWER LEVEL MEMBERSHIP: Simply choose your new level and sign up for it HERE and email us to let us know you downgraded (or hey, upgraded…) and that we need to cancel your old membership. Boom.  Done.  🙂