We all know that quality time together is essential for a healthy marriage.

But what do we do about it?  We also know that sometimes we let time slip by and aren't the best at trying to plan something that isn't the same old routine.  We also make excuses, put other things before our marriages or just accept that dates aren't happening. That's why we're challenging you to make more time for date night, day dates, mini dates while the kids nap.... you get the picture?


Excuses are out and we have the answer to your every problem.  Don't believe us? Keep reading!  There's something here for everyone from free to night out on the town. We've taken all of the excuses out of date night 😉

It is no secret that you must be intentional in your marriage to keep that spark alive, and some of you are doing a fantastic job with making time for your spouse.  Be intentional and get your date night plans written down and planned out.  We'll share with you how to solve almost any date night issue.  We'll also give you date night ideas to get you started.  We know that finances are a big struggle for a lot of fire families - so no worries!  You'll find tips and ideas here to fit YOUR life, everything from FREE to dates you may want to make a savings jar for.

[NOTE] There may be occasional affiliate links with offers from only the people we know and love, use ourselves and know they completely align with our mission - you do not pay any more for using those links but we may get a tiny commission from each purchase that goes right back into creating more resources and programs for marriages and families here at 24-7 Commitment!  It's a win for everyone. Thank you for Supporting 24-7 and other marriages!

A Date For All Occasions



We often hear "Family comes first" when it comes to neglecting date nights. Great notion... but that can lead to trouble for the entire family if you're neglecting your marriage.  A great marriage takes focus and intentional action. Your marriage should be an example of what marriage should look like your children. You lead by example, what do you want to show them? One day your children will be flying the nest - date night helps ensure you're connecting with your spouse and that there is a marriage there when the children are not.  Show your children how to love and be loved in a marriage, and you will not regret it.

With that said - We also LOVE family night!!!  So by all means, plan out those dates for you and then plan those family nights as well.  Here are some 24-7 Favorite seasonal and family time ideas...


The Internet Offers...

There are literally endless free and almost free lists of dates on Pinterest and Google. Not all free or cheap dates means staying in for movie night!  Follow us Here.  Here are a few of our favorites for this season.

Fall Bucket List for Couples - Grab a pen and paper and start your Fall Bucket List.  Fill it up and start working on marking it off.

25 of the Best Things to do this Fall for under $15 - This list is AWESOME!

FALL in Love with these Romantic Fall Date Ideas.



Sisterhood Favorites:

Dollar Menu Dates

Movie Matinee

Hit a Happy Hour

Date Night In - see next category 😉

Local Events - see what is going on in your community for free or small entrance fees.


101 Questions to Reconnect

From One Extraordinary Marriage, It’s easy to lose the connection with your spouse over the years.  They help you reconnect with this $7 offer! Have date night in, with a night full of Q&A.



Write Love Letters

When is the last time you took pen to paper to leave your spouse a love letter? Download this free letter checklist, grab some supplies and take a few minutes together to write each other a love letter. From Engaged Marriage.

Free Download Here.


The Dating Divas

These ladies have made dating your spouse more fun than you can imagine. They offer preplanned dates - with print packs to make it perfect.  Click the link below, select Date Night from the Store menu and filter by price lowest to highest.  $2.97 date nights are AWESOME

See the Diva Store Here


Again, the information highway helps!

You have everything you need for every date need at the tips of your fingers. Some of us just aren't as creative as others and that's ok! Search "Dates at home" ideas and pick the one that fits your relationship 😉  If all else fails, check out the Dating Divas.  They bring us a few great ideas below!

Murder Mystery - This is such a fun COUPLES date, have a party and let the game begin!

Caramel Apple Date Night - another fantastic date from the Dating Divas. It's perfect for fall!

One Year of Movie NightsThis is a series of 12 dates, giving you tons of fun ways to take your movie night to the next level.

25 Stay at Home - Date Night ideas to fit everyone's liking.  Pick your favorite today.

This one was so fun, it deserves to hang around a bit.
Dates you can do from your Couch - this is such a FUN list of dates you can do from your couch besides watch TV!  You're sure to want to add these dates to your list!


Kissing in the Kitchen

Date night in with a great meal, prepared by you and your spouse! This can be super romantic or a great pair for game day!  A few of our favorite cookbooks to pick your next recipe from are:

Eat Like A Firefighter - Anyone can eat like a firefighter with our own cookbook with 300 recipes from firehouses across the nation! All fire wife tested, firefighter approved- so we know they're GREAT!

The Dating Diva's Recipes Revealed! The Dating Diva's share their personal bests, all loved favorites of their husbands.

Cooking for Two - Because we know that sometimes it can be hard to cook for just two people.  This cookbook offers 650 recipes for two!

Movie Night In

Simple! Make this a date you do every few weeks.  Grab your favorites - popcorn, candy, pop, cozy blanket and take turns picking the movie for Movie Date Night.  Pick older movies you haven't seen in a while, one your spouse has never seen or maybe an anticipated new release!


Fire Up Your Love Life Guide

Warning: This link is a little spicy!!! This gift guide is meant to Fire Up Your Love Life and bring a closer connection with your spouse. Proceed at your own risk!

See the Gift Guide Here.


Date Night Jar

Make your own date night jar, together.  Both of you can add ideas you want to do and use the jar to draw from to plan a date night.  This jar can be used for any date category - Day night in, out, free... you get the idea!

Use this link to make your own jar!


  • Think SEASONAL:  With every season change, comes activity change.  Fall brings cooler weather, warmer beverages and all the pumpkins you can stand. Hit a melon patch, hay ride, haunted house...
  • For the adventurous, ROAD TRIP.  Plan your money and days and hit the open road with no agenda. Stopping at anything interesting in between where you start and where you end up!
  • Dinner and a movie is always a great option, unless that's become too routine! In that case, find a new date to try out!
  • Dinner at your favorite fancy restaurant.
  • Catch a show - comedy clubs, karaoke, theaters, jazz club. you get the picture.
  • Activity centers near you - bowling, mini golf, go-carts, lazer tag.  Try something new and be adventurous!
  • Couple's Spa Day
  • Hit up local museums. Tour your own city, do you know it's history?
  • Get outdoors - visit your local state or national parks.
  • Take a Class together - cooking classes, paint the canvas night, ballroom dancing. See what is offered near you.

A Weekend to Remember

Weekend to Remember is an event focused on your relationship. Each getaway begins Friday evening and continues through noon on Sunday. It’s filled with informative group sessions and alone time with your spouse.Use group name: 247COMMITMENT

We don't make money off of this but for every 5 couples who register, we will be given a weekend to give away.  So we think that's pretty awesome!

Learn More Here.

Commitment Weekend

For Firefighters and their spouses - Commitment Weekend.  This annual event is a must attend marriage weekend.  It's no boring marriage conference - it's a romantic adventure that will equip you with resources and tools to face the valleys in marriage.

2019 Information has not been released yet - check CommitmentWeekend.com for updates this fall.

Is your relationship in a season that date night isn't really happening because there are more important things your relationship needs?

Here are a few 24-7 Commitment favorite resources and programs to reconnect and rekindle your relationship. Progress can be slow in seasons, but progress is always a step forward!

One Extraordinary Marriage

We know Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo, personally! This awesome couple taught classes at one of our Commitment Weekends and are committed to helping other couples love each other FULLY, even if there has been some rough spots.  You can recover.  A few of our favorites from them are:

Engaged Marriage

Engaged Marriage aligns with the 24-7 Mission.  They are here to support your marriage through practical tips, tools and training.

More on Marriage Enrichment

Want more on enriching your marriage? You can find our Marriage Resources Page HERE.  We also invite you to join one of our Online Communities HERE, where you'll find like minded people who value their marriage, and yours too!