Your June Date Night Challenge

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Go down Memory Lane...

Taking a trip down memory lane, stirring up those feelings that led to those vows. (Note: If you aren't married yet, you can still make this idea fit your situation)

Make it a date night

  1. Recreate your "first date"
    • Plan out your date night just like your first date.
  2. Visit places you loved to go
    • Remember those date night favorite spots?  Places you liked to hang?  Fun things you use to do?  Those!
  3. Have your song and a great playlist
    • Remember those Mixed Tapes?  You get the idea!
  4. Reminisce about your favorite dates
    • What sets the mood for butterflies better than walking down memory lane talking about all of your favorite memories.  Who knows, your spouse might surprise you with what their favorites are.
  5. Bonus: Complete a fun DIY Vow Art with our ideas from Pinterest below using:
    • Your Wedding Vows
    • Your "Song" lyrics
    • Inside jokes and stories
    • Favorite memories


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