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Whether you’ve been married for 1 day, 1 year, 10 years or 50 years, marriage requires constant attention.  And when work and kids and finances and calendars seem to take over all your discussions and time, it’s easy to forget that you used to be head over heels in love with constant butterflies around your husband / wife. Why does that need to end?   Let’s take a break from the busy-ness of life and date each other again!

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This is designed to be a journey to take together that strengthens your marriage whether you are a rookie or “experienced" at marriage.   It’s designed especially for first responders, by a firefighter and his wife who have been through both the hot sparks and the tough fires of marriage and have brought healing and growth to a community of fire families.

Here’s What Your Journey Will Cover

Included with Participation in the Marriage On Fire Program is:

  • Marriage on Fire Course
    Access to the self-study video course, with weekly emails, Printable worksheets and Challenges.
  • Bonus Resources
    *** Free 100 Love Texts eBook
    *** Free Fear, Worry & Restless Nights eBook
  • His-n-Hers Commitment Coins - shipped automatically 3-4 weeks after registering

Giving Back to New Fire Families

We have Scholarships free access for one year to a newlywed firefighter and their spouse, or to a couple who is new to the fire service.


Help us get Fire Service Marriages back on track but surrounding these families with the best possible community and resources available. If there is a particular couple you have in mind, be sure to nominate them at this link.












Thank You to the Firefighters and Spouses who have honored their marriage and supported this community. Lives are changed when one person who understands reaches out to one person who needs an encouraging word.

Become a part of this honorable, encouraging, supportive community of Fire Families!

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