Your Summer Reading Challenge

Paperback or eBook?

You know those Summer Reading Challenges kids get for over their Summer Break?  Now you have one too, there's something for everyone no matter if you love holding a book in your hand or flipping virtual pages on a eReader.

Here is a list of our favorite must reads for you to tackle this summer.  Don't worry, we're not challenging you to read them ALL... pick a few and schedule some reading time.  These books all come highly recommended from us.  We've read these books and find them very beneficial for men and women alike!

Many people think your marriage has to be in trouble to read marriage books.  Untrue!  Marriage required intention and commitment and maintenance.  Strong marriages have to maintain strength, and these are a few books we love for that.

Click on a book below to get more information and find out where to order.   This post does contain affiliate links but don't worry... that only means if you decide to purchase one of our recommended books, 24-7 Commitment gets a very tiny percentage that goes right back into building programs and resources for fire service marriages and families.

Shameless Plug

Not really... no shame in sharing valuable information that not only honors marriage, you can use them to strengthen your marriage as well.  We have two FREE eBooks ready for download right now.  12 Steamy Days and Fire Family Life.  Download your free eBooks today!

Fire Family life is a very short precursor to our current book, Honor and Commitment.  Honor and Commitment is available in paperback or eBook and they can be purchases in 10 pack bundles for a great discount on a group reading.   Get your copy today!

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Taking the Challenge???

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