2015 Fire Wife Getaway Weekends

Planning is underway for one of our most favorite annual events – Fire Wife Getaways!

These are purely for social and relaxation purposes with a group of ladies you can laugh and cry with all at the same time.


Our Official 2015 Events are as follows:

Leader:  Elaine Glenn
Venue:  Group cabin in Hocking Hills, Logan Ohio
Min / Max # of People:   15 / 22
Cost Per Person:  $206
Date:  Sept. 25 – 27
Final Payment Due: September 12th

Leader:  Nikki Salois
Venue:   Ojai, CA
Min / Max # of People:   10 / 18
Cost Per Person:  $150
Date:  Oct. 16-18
Final Payment Deadline: September 12th

Leader:  Kate Scott /  Assisted by:  Danielle Dunne, Lisa Joslin
Venue:  Hunter, NY Catskills Mountains
Min / Max # of People:  6 / 12
Cost Per Person:   $175
Date:   Oct. 23-25
Deadline for final payment: September 19th, 2015

Group:  Destin 
Leader:  Sarah Cooksey /  Assisted by:  Heather Isaacs, Lisa Green
Venue:  Rental House
Min / Max # of People:  8 / 20
Cost Per Person:  $225
Date:  Nov. 13-15
Deadline for final Payment: OCTOBER 9th, 2015



Anyone who is a Fire Wife, Fiancee or Girlfriend who is registered in the Fire Wife Sisterhood can attend (it’s free!  Join at FirefighterWife.com/join)

We must hit the minimum number of attendees with a non-refundable $100 deposit by July 31st in order to secure these rentals.  (The sooner you can pay the better so that we don’t lose our preferred rental).   If we do not hit the minimum number of attendees we will refund you $95 of the $100 deposit.

Final payments will be due 5 weeks prior to your event.

Costs are being finalized as the venues are being finalized and are indicated above if we know them.  Price includes:

  • 2 nights lodging (expect to share rooms as well as beds)
  • Food from Friday dinner through Sunday Brunch
  • A Fire Wife goodie bag

If you do not see an event in your area, please contact your local Fire Wife Captain if you would like to lead one, we will consider it as another option (but do so before August 7th for planning purposes).


Click Here to Access the Fire Wife Sisterhood Home Page and  Submit Your Deposit and/or pay your deposit ASAP!


Note that this requires you to be logged into your account at the resource portal at 247commitment.org.   If you click on this link and it sends you to the main page, it means you are not logged in or your login is not active.  

If you have ever had an account on FirefighterWife.com you received an email around June 14th with your new login details.  Your username is likely to be your email address and your password was uniquely set and emailed.  If you are unable to login, please contact us at contact at firefighter wife dot com.


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