24-7 Commitment Groups and Communities

24-7 Commitment is all about community.

The only way to do life well is to be surrounded by uplifting, encouraging and positive people. To join any of the groups below you must be registered at 247commitment.org for either The Fire Wife Sisterhood or The 247C Honor Guard.  Please note that our communities are offered only to our Supporting and Donor Members.

If you are not a registered member but interested in one of our communities, click here to get started with your registration.  ONLY those registered will be able to access our Facebook Groups.

The Honor Guard

The Honor Guard is a private online community of devoted firefighting men, organized by 247commitment.org who honor their marriages and support and protect the marriages of their brothers. The Honor Guard provides a comfortable setting for men to talk about the challenges and triumphs they encounter in marriage and the fire service. This group also offers a private community, interactive activities and opportunities to become a supporter of the 24-7 Commitment Mission, changing Fire Department culture to become more marriage and family friendly. This group is available to all male firefighters in serious relationships who are registered for the Honor Guard for FREE. Supporting level options are available and start at as little as $5 per month! The Community Manager for the Honor Guard is Zach Ford.  Register HERE.

The Fire Wife Sisterhood

The Fire Wife Sisterhood is a private online community of wives,fiances and girlfriends of Fighters that honors, supports, strengthens and encourages you through the fire life —24­7. You’ll find a welcoming group of people who are COMMITTED to making our lives and those around us in the fire service happier and healthier.  We're on a mission do good in our marriages and personal lives while supporting the fire service and our firefighter's passion for the job.  This group is run by hand-selected admins who ensure the atmosphere is kept informative, friendly and drama free. You can ask questions, compare situations, get advice or if you are a veteran fire wife, offer the advice and support that you've used over the years. This group is available to all women dating or married to a firefighter and are registered for the Fire Wife Sisterhood.  Supporting Level options start at just $5 per month!  Join HERE.

Subgroups of the Fire Wife Sisterhood, only accessible with a Fire Wife Sisterhood Membership.  Details can be found in the member portal for how to gain access to these specialty groups.

Fit Fire Wife

Fit Fire Wife is an Accountability program and subgroup of The Fire Wife Sisterhood.  This group provides encouragement and motivation through support, sharing advice and recipes, fitness education and group challenges to work on improvement in overall health. This is about trying YOUR best and being fit, healthy and energetic and extending our life by a few healthy years. It doesn't matter if your goal is to get out and walk a few times per week or run every 5k that your life allows, it's all about making better decisions that impact your life in a healthy way. *We are not health professionals, please consult your physician before starting any new diets or exercise routines. This group is available to all women registered for the Fire Wife Sisterhood.

The Christian Fire Wives & Prayer Request Group

This is a community for members of the Fire Wife Sisterhood who are Christian and want a place to gather in prayer and encouragement for each other. This group is available to all registered members of The Fire Wife Sisterhood. The Community Manager of this group is Mylina Dillard.