Meet Our Board Members

ted and jillyTed Baker

Ted is not only the CEO and co-founder of QALO, he also is highly educated. He earned his degree in economics. Ted then went on to earn his MBA, focusing on financial systems, international business, and entrepreneurship. His company is his main interest because it encompasses his family, athletics, the outdoors, and philanthropy.


Ted PicDrew Boyer

Drew is 3rd generation graduate from the Ohio State University, where he majored in economics and minored in business. In 2003, he transitioned into financial planning and started working as an investment advisor. He met Dan and Lori Mercer through his company, which provides financial services almost exclusively to firefighters serving over 300 firefighters and their families! He is currently an exhausted husband, but very much in touch with his female side due to his two daughters, both under 2 years old! He does his best to take care of his wife and then his daughters. He travels quite a bit during the year. His wife is from Berlin, his parents live in Arizona, and he has a lot of friends in between. When an opportunity presents itself to visit, he and his family never pass it up.

CoriAdam and Cori Fuller

Adam has been a firefighter for 22 years, starting out as a volunteer.He has been a full-time firefighter for 16 years in addition to the volunteer time and a few other part-time jobs along the way. Cori runs a successful home business, and has been a part of the Firefighter Wife Sisterhood for 3 years. Adam and Cori have been married for 12 years, and they are very excited to be involved in furthering the 24-7 Commitment mission. They are thankful to be a part of changing the culture of strong fire marriages and more.

CoupleKC Holiday

KC Holiday, originally from Orange County, CA, spent most of his life playing sports, until he attended Texas Christian University - studying Kinesiology, Health and Fitness, which he fell in love with after a semester of dozing off in classes as a broadcast journalism major. After TCU, he studied in the Fire Technology program at Santa Ana College. KC decided not to pursue firefighting. He ventured on a journey to discover what makes humans truly thrive. Community is his answer. This led him to be a co-founder of QALO, and that belief now translates to the way he runs QALO. His passion lies in creating a business culture where employees don’t know the difference between Monday at 8:00 am and Friday at 5:00 pm. In his eyes, becoming a success means creating a community of honest, authentic people and personalities working towards a common goal they all agree is bigger than themselves. As a business owner, his foundation firmly lies in the mentality of taking a journey WITH his customers, allowing them to join in and truly make QALO what it is, a way of life.

He believes the greatest adventure in life is not knowing what will bring. Live every day with that knowledge, make your impact, and take that leap of faith. Life is too short not to do what you love.

His passions outside of work lie in writing, CrossFit, and his house full of animals he refers to as the "Holiday Farm." He was married his wife Bryony in May of 2012, and has learned more about himself since that day than he did in his first 24 years. He is grateful that his wife challenges him to be a better man every day.

lori-and-danDan and Lori Mercer

Dan and Lori Mercer are the co-founders of 24-7 COMMITMENT. Married for 13 years, Dan is a full-time firefighter, dad, and husband, while Lori fills the other half of the Mercer's as wife, mother, and executive director of 24-7 COMMITMENT. Between running 4 kids from school to sports to activities, firefighting, and heading a national nonprofit, they still make each other a priority. XXXXXX