Bring H.O.T. for Marriage to Your Department

"H.O.T. (Hands on Training) for Fire Marriages

Strengthen the marriages at your department with a 2 to 4 hour workshop designed for firefighters and their significant other.   Our program combines classroom sessions with hands on firefighting drills the couples perform together.

This session introduces a spouse to the work (and love!) of the fire service while also addressing common marriage challenges for firefighters such as:

  • balancing firefighting and family life
  • dealing with the stressors of emotionally difficult calls
  • staying connected while spending so much time apart
  • trusting each other
  • communicating well

The hands on activities vary based on the availability of resources in your area (both our resources and yours) but can include:

  • suiting up with an SCBA and dragging a charged hose line
  • carrying hose packs
  • forcible entry simulators
  • drywall breaching simulators
  • aerial ladder rides / climbs

Couples can participate in as many or as few of the exercises as they are comfortable trying.

Everyone leaves with a packet of information and their Fire Marriage Certification 101 including the cherished "his and hers" HOT for Marriage Challenge Coins.

What's Required to Host a H.O.T. for Marriage Workshop?

  • A minimum of 12 and maximum of 50 couples
    • We encourage this to be done in metro areas with major airports for ease of access and with collaboration with area departments to help you reach these numbers.
  • Classroom training space for your group size
  • Outdoor training space and equipment to match the hands on exercises you select for your venue

This course has provided a fun connection for couples with an ability to address some of those sticky marriage topics in a safe community of others who understand those struggles.

Cost to Participate

The cost for this event is $2500 for the day plus travel expenses if needed for the facilitators.   These costs include: 

  • lunch or snacks (this is optional pending the timing of the event)
  • water
  • cost of supplies for drywall breaching or other activities selected for your workshop
  • training facility for the classroom portion
  • some personnel to support setup and operation of required stations for the hands-on activities (primarily monitoring the charged hose line and the drywall breaching)
  • An Honor & Commitment book and swag bag for each couple

The day can be capped with a fun and easy  happy hour at a local restaurant where couples can laugh together and further connect your local fire family.

This cost can be covered by the department, union, local sponsors or by charging a fee per couple, or any combination of those.

*Note that 247 Commitment is seeking corporate sponsors to help support this event as well.  If you have an air tank supplier, tool, boot or turn out gear manufacturer who can have a sales rep onsite demoing their latest product and also assisting with the event, please let us know so we can coordinate an agreement with that vendor.

If bringing H.O.T for Marriage to your department is something you would like to make happen, send us an email to and let us know you're interested!

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