Our online community friendships are truly the BEST of what happens in 24-7C Communities. That didn’t happen without an intentional focus on building relationships and friendships. To do So, we intentionally set guidelines around topics and posts that are community building and make all of our communities safe and welcoming and comfortable.  Guidelines apply to all FirefighterWife and 24-7 Commitment Communities.

Over the years our list of guidelines to keep these communities the welcome place they are has grown. We hate that it sounds so much like “rules” so read these as if you are seeing our smiling faces over a cup of coffee and showing you how we’ve grown such deep friendships and support here. But focusing on PEOPLE is what we are about – not a bunch of links and social media eye candy that never quite satisfies the longings of our soul. (There are a zillion other firefighter groups if that’s what you’re looking for).

Come to the 24-7 Communities for a laugh, a hug, advice, a healthy vent, an understanding ear and real people with real friendship ready to give.


1. Depending on specific group audiences, you must be a registered as a Fire Wife Sisterhood or 24-7 Commitment Honor Guard member at 247Commitment.org.  You must be a male firefighter to join the Honor Guard or Honor Guard subgroups.  You must be a woman, married to (engaged to or dating) a firefighter to join the Fire Wife Sisterhood or Fire Wife Sisterhood subgroups.

*Female firefighters and husbands of female firefighters – We are ready and willing to open separate communities for you!  To do so we do need volunteer administrators and community managers who are in solid marriages and ready to serve and give back to these communities.   Please contact us if you are interested.   In the meantime, we encourage female firefighters to check out iWomen for more support in your careers.

2. Keep all content and communication relevant to the group or community focus.

3. Contribute only in ways that are positive, uplifting and supportive in spirit and contribute to our mission STRENGTHEN MARRIAGES and ENCOURAGE FIRE FAMILIES. Derogatory posts and/or comments will not be tolerated. Vulgar, obscene or foul language will not be tolerated.  This included photos, graphics or memes.

4. No advertising unless it is through the official 24-7 Commitment advertising program. Any posts about your business or others that are not part of the advertising program will be removed. For more information email us at contact@firefighterwife.com.

This includes sharing sales, deals, recommended products, or anything linking to outside pages including your own blog posts or photos / sayings / quotes related to firefighting.  This also includes mentioning something in a teasing way about your at home business and telling everyone to private message you. (i.e. I’m so excited! I’m about to go over the top in our sales challenge!)  No advertising includes other Facebook groups and other blogs, including your own that are not part of the 24-7 Commitment Communities.

Regarding outside photos / links:
We do this to keep the focus on supporting each other and to prevent this place from becoming commercialized and impersonal. And many times these photos you share have copyrights and I do not want anything shared on this site without proper credit. If you have something you want to share, email it to us at contact@firefighterwife.com.

5. No fundraisers, GoFundMe Accounts or ‘Vote for this” links. If you have a fundraiser you’d like to promote,please contact us as indicated at contact@firefighterwife.com.

6. No Politics.

7. No asking for legal or medical advise. Please seek a professional.

8. We are a secular site that LOVES ALL KINDS! Everyone is welcome to share with their own style of spirituality or religious belief without judgement or debate. It doesn’t matter if you pray or meditate or sing or journal to God, the universe or yogurt. All well wishes are welcome with no discrimination. I personally follow the bible and Jesus (without attachment to any “organized religion”). And he spent nearly all of his time loving on non-Christians. Let’s use that as an example to follow. We do have a specific Christian Fire Wife Group if you prefer sharing your prayer requests more specifically there.

**Guideline Violations**

Content that does not follow guidelines will be removed. Anyone not following our guidelines will be asked ONCE to please review and stay in line. If it happens again, you will be immediately removed from the Fire Wife Sisterhood and 247COMMITMENT.ORG communities and your subscription cancelled with no refunds if you are a paid subscriber.   For any serious issues of threats, cyber bullying, etc, I will always be involved and making the final decision. We will NOT be involved in private messages between 2 people but if there is proof of bullying or hate via private message, it is grounds for removal.

***Contacting Us***

If you feel that someone is not following the guidelines, please contact us.  Contact Us only using the form at FirefighterWife.com/contact or emailing us directly at contact@firefighterwife.com.  Please note that the admins cannot all reply to private messages via Facebook so using the contact form is the #1 way to receive help and answers, always.

****A Strong Suggestion****

This is the internet and for the most part you are all strangers. People can act like anyone they want to online. I personally do not suggest friending or private messaging anyone in
this group until you have been in here for a significant amount of time to get to know them. If you have any other thoughts or ideas….. Please contact us and we’ll discuss! We want to be
an enabler of good things….but that simply takes a little quality control and coordination with a large group. (example – special offer for our community, a new activity or program you would like to see, etc.

It’s an honor to provide this service for so many!

~Lori Mercer, Chief Fire Wife



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