Previous Members of Fire Wife Sisterhood at

If you were previously a paid subscriber at read this:

Your previous level of access at was:  

If that is blank, you were not a paying member of as of June 15, 2015.  You can chose to become one by upgrading here.

If it is not blank, here is your giving level as of June 15:

s2member_level5 =  Charter Member of Fire Wife Sisterhood

s2member_level8 = Fire Wife Sisterhood $8 / month or $60 / year

s2member_level10 = Fire Wife Sisterhood PLUS $30 / month

s2member_level14 = Fire Wife Sisterhood Volunteer Team

s2member_level15 = Flame Level – $60 / $72 / $85 / month with your last payment due in June

s2member_level20 = Giving Level

All financial supporters who gave on the system will need to update their account to the new 24-7 COMMITMENT system.  Please go to this link and select the new level of giving you wish to join.   When you complete that transaction, your 24-7 COMMITMENT access level will reflect that change.

Your current access level at 24-7 COMMITMENT is:  

If it says Fire Wife Sisterhood, you are at the free access level.  Otherwise, it reflects your level of giving.  Thank you!

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