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Announcing a partnership with best selling marriage authors and speakers Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott

Can you help make Deep Love happen for 1000 firefighter marriages in October?

Together, we can make the Deep Love program available to Firefighter Marriages for only $15 per couple. To make this happen we need to raise $5000.... The great news is Drs Les and Leslie will be matching donations!

When we hit our fundraising goal, the Deep Love Assessment program will be made available to all firefighter families at a 60% discount at our website, via our email list and this Facebook page.

We want to get 1000 firefighter couples to complete this Deep Love Assessment. It will be the first and only marriage assessment of any kind for firefighter marriages. That's BIG. So much good can come from this for fire families.

Watch this short message on Facebook to hear how the Parrotts are matching our funds and consider supporting this goal today by making a donation below.  Thank you for supporting Fire Service Marriages and Families!

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24-7 COMMITMENT is a federally registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  Your support is appreciated in any way. Our funding is primarily from individual donors and allows us to create and operate programs such a Marriage On Fire, the Fire Wife Sisterhood and the Honor Guard community for men plus our annual Commitment Weekends for First Responders.   Our mission is broader than first responders as many professions bring high stress resulting in marriage struggles.  

You can expect us to expand into areas such as business executives and professional athletes just to name a few.  Thank you for supporting our goal to lower the divorce rate for First Responders and soon, other professions as well!

In Honor of Lt. Dennis DeVoe and His Dedication To His Marriage and Firefighting

Sadly around 100 firefighters a year are killed in the line of duty. We do not and cannot share each and every one of them here on this page. But will you give us a moment of grace as our community works through a LODD that hits very close to home? You see, when you are vulnerable with each other, you forge relationships unlike any other. When men share with men (in ways I will never understand) how to understand their wife better. And wives share with wives the frustrations and joys they have in their marriages. And you all realize you are fighting the same demons that many people outside the fire service don't understand, something very special happens.

This is what our mission is about - to strengthen marriages through community.17192241_1534570243250012_2120340979943926098_o That's what happens when couples connect at our Commitment Weekends. This is in no way a plug for that event (and I hesitated to post because I don't want it to be misconstrued in that way). It's just a fact as to how you form a support network across the country where you can pick up a phone and reach out to someone who isn't at your own department so you can talk freely and get advice and support. I'm very proud of the way I've seen this community support each other over the past almost 5 years. Whether you are still in the Fire Wife Sisterhood or you've moved on from that season of your life, there is no denying what started here connecting wives has been nothing short of amazing. And in this close to our hearts tragic LODD, comfort is found in each other. Amy & Dennis' marriage, while they will admit is not perfect, is to be admired for their commitment through all the fires of life. We miss you Denny.  Amy, you have us behind you for whatever you need. Thank you for generously supporting our organization over the years.
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Lisa Joslin

The difference the Sisterhood has made in my life in the short year I have been a member is amazing. I never knew all of the things I could do to make sure I had a happy husband. I can look back over the past year and visibly see the bond between us grow stronger from what the Sisterhood has brought to my marriage. I can see this in the way my Firefighter responds to our conversations, my endeavors, etc. He spent an entire day by my side talking up Firefighter Wife. He talked to other Chief’s, other Firefighters, etc. showing each one of them why their Departments need the Sisterhood.

Lisa Joslin, New York

Hear More About Our Mission and What Others Are Saying

In September 2016, our organization applied for a First Responder non-profit contest to appear on an NBC game show.   Our audience shared this video like mad.  We blew away the competition with likes, shares and comments. far no phone call to appear on the show.   It's ok.  Because what happened with this video was so powerful to show the impact our organization is making on marriages.

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