Volunteer Opportunities With the 24-7C Team

There are so many giant giving hearts in the fire service - men and women who reach out and want to serve the 24-7C Community.  W-O-W!  So much amazing talent!

If you apply to volunteer at the link below, please be patient with our response as we are still a young growing non-profit working hard to bring structure and mobilize a growing team of volunteers.

Thank you for reaching out!!  For questions on this, please contact us at the contact form.

Our Volunteers CARE

Our volunteers to be the "hands and feet" that deliver peer support in many ways within our communities and in person.   CARE stands for:





All volunteers complete our 247CARES training program and then bring CARE in both our online communities and in person as needed.   This means helping to keep all interactions with community members (online or in person) full of resources and encouragement, reaching out individually if needed, and working with your local group Captains for in person support needs - meals, flowers, and general care and service to families in need.

To truly reach out and support our fire families across the country requires many volunteers who CARE nationwide.

Community Managers and Facebook Group Administrators

Community Managers are the ones responsible for the content, resources and direction within each of our specialty communities (Fertility Support, Fit Fire Wife, etc.  See the full list here.)

Facebook Group administrators support the Community Managers with assigned time blocks to approve posts and monitor our community groups.

Both are supported by the CARE team members at all times as well (however CARE team members do not have FB Group admin privilieges)

Local Community Captains - Start Your Own Local Fire Wife / 24-7C Family Group

Do you want to create an active group of fire families in your area?   This could be a region the size of a city (or a segment of a large city), county or multiple counties.

Fire Wife Captains tend to the needs of their community in a very tangible and in person kind of way.  This includes:  coordinating local social and fundraising events, being aware of needs and activities in the local fire community and spreading the word about 24-7C throughout their community.  They also assist with administration of their state Fire Wife Sisterhood Facebook Group.

These are not "chapters" as we do not want to burden busy fire wives with all the administration and stress of the organization.   We handle that nationally through our federal 501(c)3.   All funds raised in your area, stay in your area providing for workshops, date nights and scholarships to Commitment Weekends.

24-7C Ambassador Couples

Every mission has a core team of believers and supporters that understands the need and comes alongside as the biggest supporters. From energy level to financial support to a desire to give of their time and talents, these couples are the living and breathing 24-7 COMMITMENT attitude. Ambassadors can reach out in their local fire service circles on behalf of the organization and truly spread the word and build connections and help the mission grow and support more marriages and families.

Some Ambassador couples are trained facilitators of our HOT for Marriage Workshops hosted at departments across the country.

View the current list of Ambassador Couples

Apply To Be A 247C Volunteer

Be A Guest Blogger

24-7 COMMITMENT is a community with much talent.  If you have something to share whether it's one time or a recurring column, please reach out to us.   All the information about submitting an article as a guest blogger is located here.