*New Firefighter* Small Groups


Congratulations! You're a firefighter! So now what?

How cool is it that you get to don your bunker gear, jump on that shiny red engine, and go knock down fire with the best of them? If that was all you had to worry about, life would be great. However, there is more to being a new firefighter than just fighting fire.  And....it's all new for your family too - your spouse, children and extended family.  You and your family have to figure out how your life will balance with being a rookie, the politics of the fire service work and how you fit into all of it, balance your career with your family life, learn how to cook for a crew, SOPs, MOPs, and navigating paperwork...just to name a few. Make sure you have the support you need on the backend to be a successful firefighter. Share stories, get and give encouragement and advice on the growing pains of developing into the firefighter and husband / father  you want to be, talk professionalism with other new firefighters and seasoned firefighters.  Join others who want to give their best to their careers in the fire department and their families at home. Join the small group created specifically for new firefighters and find the friendships, support, laughter, and guidance you need to thrive as a firefighter and a husband / father and all around great guy.

Group options include....

Small Groups For All Firefighters
small groups for men (1)

You survived fire school, being a probie, learning the ins and outs of the fire department... but what about all the rest of those life topics?

Firefighters are husbands and fathers and have lots of other responsibilities too.

Career, Volunteer, Wildland, DOD, Firefighter, Chief...

All types and titles are welcomed and encouraged to find the right fit with our many groups available.  The 24-7 Commitment Small Groups for Men are online communities of devoted firefighters who honor their marriages and families.  You'll find groups led by experienced firefighters who will bring you great topics, resources and tools for making a Commitment to not only your marriage, but to every thing you do.

Be the change you wish to see in the fire service.

Maybe you just want to join a group of firefighters doing something good for their marriages and families by being just as devoted at home as they are the firehouse.  You'll find communities of positive action and reaction.  Firefighters encouraging and supporting each other in true Brotherhood form. Share stories, get and give encouragement and advice on the growing pains of developing into the firefighter, husband and father you want to be.

Join one of the many groups below designed with real life firefighters in mind.

Men Only Groups

----> Fire Life 101 – Specifically for New Firefighters and those in Fire Academies<-------

Size:  Max 30;  Minimum of 10 required
Leader: Jeffrey Rosenscrance, Joe Ficarelli
Topics: For up to 30 men who are new to the fire life to journey through our Fire Life 101 topics and get to know and support each other.  (We will add as many sections of this group as needed)


Groups for any male firefighters

Rescue My Marriage – Marriage On Fire Programs

Size:  Up to 15 men;
Leader:  Rich Smith
Topics:  For those men in our new Rescue My Marriage group to walk through the Marriage On Fire program together.   Rescue My Marriage is specifically for those who's marriage is in a sensitive and challenging season - infidelity, trust, falling out of love, etc.    As a gift from our donors and 24-7 COMMITMENT, we will give free access to those who qualify for this program (apply at 247commitment.org/rescuemymarriage)  You will receive this 6 week video series specifically designed for firefighter marriages.   Details on Marriage On Fire are at this link.   Apply for Rescue My Marriage at this link.

24-7 COMMITMENT to Fitness- for men

Size:  Unlimited;  Minimum of 10 required
Topics: for firefighters to keep each other accountable to their fitness goals and share fitness related topics

Fire Up Your Love Life / Anti – Pornography Style

Size:  Unlimited;  Minimum of 10 required
Leader:  Zachery Ford
Topics:  For those who want a hot steamy love life and who are working to break through the hurts of pornography;  Resources from Covenant Eyes and Fight the New Drug will be included.

 Honor Guard for Chief’s and Officers

Size:  Unlimited;
Leader: AJ Isaacs
Topics:  Join this newly formed group with an emphasis on conversation and friendship. We know it’s “different” for you and want you to have that safe space too.  Topics to revolve around marriage / family / health issues both at your department and in your own lives.

Firefighter Mr. Mom’s Group

Size:  Unlimited;
Topics:  For those firefighters with little ones who are “Mr. Mom” on your non-duty days looking for ideas to beat the winter boredom (and keep mom entertained!)

PTSD Support Group

Size:  Unlimited;
Leader: Zachery Ford
Topics:  For those who are affected by PTSD, whether personally or within their family.   This is not counseling but a place to gather and encourage each other.

Surviving The Promotional Process with Your Marriage Intact

Size:  Unlimited;
Leader: AJ Isaacs
Topics:  It’s a season!  And one for which a solid group of friends who understand can be very helpful.   And especially if the promotion doesn’t happen THIS time, it’s important to be surrounded by friends.

Surviving Medic School Season with Your Marriage Intact

Size:  Unlimited;
Topics:  It’s on a season!  But boy is it a long one for you and your family.   Gather together for encouragement and friendship as you climb the mountain to the next milestone.


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