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Effective December 31, 2021, we shut down the 501c3 non-profit entity named 24-7 COMMITMENT.

No panicking allowed.  Fire families are good at holding steady right? And it's been a heck of a ride these last couple of years.

All of the goodness that was produced by Lori Mercer (under Mercer Unlimited, Inc.) that supports fire families still exists and is available as always over at

With all the economic challenges in the world, and reflection on how to best serve this mission, we needed to simplify the business structures in order to continue to serve well.

Some backstory to understand that.  Firefighter Wife and all it's assets where created and owned by Lori Mercer under Mercer Unlimited, Inc in 2012.  As our Commitment Weekend event grew, and one larger corporate sponsor stepped up to help, it made sense to spin out our event under a non-profit entity.  24-7 COMMITMENT was then created in 2015.  This allowed us to receive tax deductible donations from businesses and individuals to help fund that event.

Merch and product sales continue under Mercer Unlimited, Inc.

Due to the many challenges related to the pandemic, we were unable to host an in person Commitment Weekend in 2020 or 2021.  An organization takes on a large amount of risk, liability and cost to support an event that size.  With shut downs, travel challenges and the high costs of venues, food and travel, we simply aren't in a position to continue in that format.

We do hope to continue the spirit of that marriage support event in the very near future but no longer can support the financial and administrative burden of a non-profit entity to do so.

Let's not focus on the challenges but on the good here:

  • The organization is now much simpler to manage and the focus can be on new resource creation and expert partnerships for healthy relationships, healthy selves and more fire life fun.
  • We didn't have to SHUT DOWN like many businesses, just change our course a bit.
  • The Firefighter Wife resource has now existed for TEN YEARS!!!  And we operated NINE Flame Fest / Commitment Weekend events.  That's nothing to sneeze at and should be celebrated.
  • The number of firefighter family friendships that have blossomed as part of this is a true gift that continues today (it warms my heart to see you all connected across the country supporting each other)
  • There's no reason any of this has to change or feel any different just because we changed a business entity structure.  So keep on keeping on with the fire life love!
  • I'm more encouraged than ever to reset, recharge and support our fire families in the "new normal" we live in.  and goodness knows all us front line families feel it a bit different.

So what next?

Follow us over at  Be sure you're on our email list.  Continue to support us financially via the store and with our subscription (coming soon)

We trust and believe that as always the fire family will rally and support so we can continue the good here for another decade or more.

With True Gratitude for each and every reader, donor, follower and volunteer,

Lori Mercer,  Founder of and Executive Director of 24-7 COMMITMENT


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Most of us don't like to talk about how difficult marriage can be.  And that we sometimes don't like our spouse.    Young couples who don't have positive role models around them encouraging them through the tough seasons can easily give up and let those flames burn out.

Our Mission is to strengthen and encourage marriages and families in the fire service through our online resources and communities .

Read through countless resources just for fire service marriages and families.

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