Our 24-7 COMMITMENT Ambassador Couples

Every mission has a core team of believers and supporters that understands the need and comes alongside as the biggest supporters. From energy level to financial support to a desire to give of their time and talents, these couples are the living and breathing 24-7 COMMITMENT attitude.

Ambassadors reach out in their local fire service circles on behalf of the organization and truly spread the word and build connections and help the mission grow and support more marriages and families.

If you are looking to host a 24-7 COMMITMENT event in your area, contact the nearest ambassador or email us at contact@firefighterwife.com.

(complete list of ambassador couples being added soon!)


Zachery and Sarah Ford

Camino, California

Zachery and Sarah Ford first learned about 24-7 COMMITMENT while attending Firehouse World in San Diego where Sarah was able to listen to Lori speak for the first time. Later that night, Zachery in all his hesitation went to a meet and greet.  That is where they decided they were onboard with the 24-7 Commitment mission and haven't looked back since.   Zachery serves as Community Manager of the Men's Honor Guard and Sarah as Fire Wife Captain for California.  Zachery is an Engineer for the City of Roseville, Ca.  He has been there for 11 years.  Sarah is a stay at home mom and is attending school for nutrition.  She found Firefighter Wife on a mission to connect with other fire wives without the drama.  They are getting ready to celebrate their 15th Anniversary!  They have 3 children, Isabelle 14, Quincy 10 and Cadence 7.  They are located near Sacramento, California and serve many regions throughout the state.  Zachery and Sarah are available to lead our HOT for Marriage Workshops for your local departments.

Ben and Amanda Anderson

Greensboro, North Carolina

Ben and Amanda Anderson first learned about 24-7 COMMITMENT when they went searching the internet/Facebook for answers on how to make their Fire Family Life work best and have been on board and enthusiastic ever since. They attended their first Commitment Weekend in June of 2016 and haven’t looked back. Ben is active in the Men’s Honor Guard and Amanda in the Fire Wife Sisterhood.

They are located near Greensboro, North Carolina and will serve many regions throughout the state. Ben works as a Senior Firefighter at the City of Greensboro Fire Department, as well as a part time EMT at Davidson County Emergency Services. Amanda is the Executive Director of a non-profit organization Cover the City Project. They have a son, Benjamin (little Ben) and a daughter, Collins. The family loves anything outdoors, hiking, camping, boating, etc. They also love planning and visiting all of their 24-7 CW friends all over the country.

Kenny and Stephanie Robinson

New Braunfels, Texas

Stephanie joined Firefighter Wife in 2013 and quickly became an active member of our great group of ladies in the Sisterhood. Stephanie convinced Kenny to go to the 2014 Commitment Weekend in Chicago for their 10th Wedding Anniversary trip. Reluctantly he headed with her and they have never looked back! Armed with the tools they received, they left Chicago renewed, refreshed, and stronger in their marriage. It began a journey that has afforded them the opportunity to make friends across the country and really bless other couples with hope of a better tomorrow. The next year Kenny planned their whole trip to WV for Commitment Weekend 2015. Stephanie is also Fire Wife Captain for Texas and is a Admin of the Fire Wife Sisterhood group as well as some of our small groups. Kenny has been a firefighter with the New Braunfels Fire Department for 10 years. Stephanie works for the Kyle Police Department in the Records Division. They have been married 12 years. They have two boys, Drew and Reid and a sweet Weimaraner, Zoe. They are located between Austin and San Antonio and serve many regions around the State. Kenny and Stephanie are available to lead our Hot for Marriage Workshops for your local departments.

Jeff and Amanda Rosencrance

Lancaster, Ohio

Jeff actually signed Amanda up for the Fire Wife Sisterhood when he registered them for a Commitment Weekend that they found about through Facebook. After attending a Commitment Weekend in 2015, Jeff became a member of the Honor Guard and is now one of the admins of the men's group. The friendships they made at Commitment Weekends in 2015 2016 have been awesome. To have the support from others that understand the fire lifestyle is truly a blessing. Amanda is very active in the Fire Wife Sisterhood and attending local fire wife meet-ups.

They live in Lancaster, Ohio with their 3 children (Hailee, Caleb, and Madelyn). They have been married since June 12, 2010 and together since December 2004. Jeff is full time at Hamilton Township Fire Department and part time at Violet Township Fire Department. Amanda is a registered nurse at their local community hospital, Fairfield Medical Center.