IG Takeover Instructions

Yeah you!   You get to be "the" Firefighter Wife for a day at instagram.com/wifeonfire

Thank you, first and foremost.   Social media can be exhausting work and there are days, well, I'm just not inspired.  Good news is that I'm certainly not the only, the best, or the anything fire wife out there.  Because we are all part of a great community.  And we've each got our own little flare for how to do this thing called fire life.

So taking over our Instagram for a day is a fun and helpful challenge for our whole fire family.

There are some basic ground rules:

  • Keep it clean and classy
  • Keep it mainly focused on fire life kinds of posts
  • If you run a business, we are ok with you promoting but ask that you make a $50 donation to the non-profit in order to do so.   We expect you'll get that business right back 😉
  • Be clever, creative and appealing to look at.....but don't fake it.  Real is the best.
  • As of now we do not have tight style guidelines.  But know this..... IG is a visual place.  If you're 6 - 12 posts have a theme and a style, they are going to look AWESOME in the feed and attract people to your site.   (Go ahead and add your @profile and @wifeonfire to those photos if you'd like!)
  • If you do anything out of line, we'll politely ask you to adjust and then remove if necessary.  But this whole takeover thing is built on TRUST.  If we pick you, we trust you and that says a lot in the fire family circles right?  Don't be that person.  #honorandcommitment

Here's how it works.


1. We agree on a date (ideally at least 7 - 10 days in advance)

2.  You send me a list of 8 - 10 things you think you might share that day (including any hashtags you like to use)

3.  Share the good news!   We'll announce you are coming.  You share with all your friends.  Get them to follow @wifeonfire


Day Before - you DM me to be sure you're ready to go, update me on any late breaking news you might share and I hand over the password.   I'll also be giving you some shout outs in advance 😉


Day Of - Go insta-crazy @wifeonfire

1.  Post at the agreed upon times

2.  Don't share out to FB (Lori may pop in and do that after the fact)

3.  Use stories if you'd like but those don't stick around...... definitely post at least 6 times and no more than 12 times on the profile between 6 am EST and 9 PM PST, spaced out reasonably nice.

4.  Comment back on anyone who comments on your posts.

5.  Do not follow or unfollow anyone

6.  Comment on other fire wife / ff pages as @wifeonfire but signify you are taking over for the day and invite them to like our profile.  Don't be spammy and get us shut down please!

7.  Pop into your own IG occasionally to tell them where you are this day and how it's going

8.  Use hashtags that are effective for attracting our audience but avoid super niche hashtags unrelated to what we do.  Also avoid super generic ones that attract spammers.


End of Day - Lori jumps back in and takes control with a big thank you 🙂


Day after - Tell me how it went.  Tips, tricks, lessons learned.


What's next?

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