What is the Rescue Pack Exchange and how does it work?

The Rescue Pack exchange is a seasonal activity.  We only do a few per year.  Members of the Fire Wife Sisterhood  can participate in this exchange where you send and receive a JUST FOR YOU package in the mail.  It is intended to "Rescue" the sender and the receiver.  You'll give one and get one!  When you sign up, you will be paired with another member. Once you are given a match, chat with them to find out more about their likes and dislikes so you can get ideas about what things to put in their pack! Let the fun begin and build a special "rescue pack" based on the theme.  There is a $$ limit set for what you choose to include in the "rescue pack," plus whatever mailing costs are. Be sure to mail it by the mailing deadline via priority mail or other tracking service, then...wait to receive your own special "rescue pack!"  Save your tracking number.  You can take pictures of what you receive and share the pictures, laughs, and love on our Facebook page. Also see what everyone else got in theirs! It's a fun way to get to know other members of the Fire Wife Sisterhood get something awesome in the mail that isn't a bill or junk mail!  Who doesn't love a special package?!

We currently use Elfster.com to host and match all of our Rescue Pack exchanges.  We do not have access to give you tech support for user/password help.

All Rescue Pack exchanges will be posted within the appropriate group (Fire Wife Sisterhood or Commitment Weekend Attendees) when they are open, reminders are posted and we'll remind you also when the sign ups close and matches have been made.  Please see your group for details - search Rescue Pack.

Guidelines for Participating

* Please be sure you read and understand the Rescue Pack guidelines.  Failure to follow guidelines may force us to remove you from future exchanges.  These guidelines are to make sure that everyone follows through with their commitment to their Rescue Pack match. No one likes being let down.  Emergencies happen, if something comes up and you can no longer send your rescue pack, please use the contact form HERE to let us know.  We will gladly find a replacement for you with no problem 🙂

  • You must be a member of the Fire Wife Sisterhood (Or sometimes other groups will be permitted - like Commitment Weekend!)

  • Sign up by Deadline.  The deadline to sign up is typically no less than 2 weeks from open date.  After the deadline, we cannot add anyone else.

  • Contact your match when posted ASAP.  Please make contact with your match.  You are responsible for all communication and swapping information.  You will need to provide your mailing address, interests depending on theme and any allergies you may have that your match needs to know about.  Also take this time to get to you know your match 🙂  Please be mindful of allergies, religious preferences and such.

  • There is a $$ LIMIT on each exchange.  (This limit is for several reasons, you can build awesome packs for 10 bucks!!  A dollar or two over is ok but please aim for the limit set for each exchange.. If you need some ideas, check out Our Rescue Pack PINTEREST BOARD)

  • Mail via PRIORITY MAIL.  (Other services that have tracking #s OK but Priority Mail comes with tracking and insurance. If your package is lost or damaged, we will need tracking information to help sort this out.  Priority mail also ensures that your package will arrive before the next sign up is open, this is important to not let anyone feel let down.)

  • Mail by the deadline.  (This is important. This helps with not letting your match down and making sure each exchange has been completed before the next one is open.)

  • Participants who do not keep their commitment will not be allowed to participate in future exchanges.  If something comes up or you have an emergency, please contact your Rescue Pack match to let them know and also email us at contact@firefighterwife.com.